Our Story

Late in the August of 2017, Indigo Clothing Co. was started in the backyard of two unassuming sisters. Surrounded with traditional shibori design elements their whole lives, modernizing the look into current fashion trends was a natural entrance into creating a clothing brand.


Founded on the principal of conscious consumerism, indigo. has remained committed to the quality and care of dyeing clothes, continuing to dye in small batches with an all natural indigo reduction.


From running around their high school to drop off orders to shipping internationally, indigo.'s journey has never been boring. The community surrounding the company has been imperative to the success of the growing business.  Whether it be a model, a customer, or a follower on instagram, the indigo. family is the most essential and meaningful aspect of the brand.

The future of indigo. is full of possibility.  We hope you will join us on our journey.

With love, 

the indigo. team

use our platform to do some good:

The fashion and textile industry is notorious for its detrimental impacts on the environment and on the laborers in the industry.  As a company, we aim to reduce waste as much as possible, as well as try to maximize the life-span of our clothing.  Our practices include re-dying and up-cycling thrifted clothing, which is being brought back August 2018. 

In the near future, we aim to source from all eco-friendly labels. Our pipe-dream is to open a small, safe factory overseas that is able to pay livable wages to all workers.

donate to causes we are passionate about:

indigo. is committed to donating 1%-2% of profits to organizations selected every few months. 

Some of the past and present organizations that we have donated to include The Coral Reef Alliance, March for Our Lives, and RAICES Texas.

providing you with quality and unique clothing:

Since the founding of indigo. in August of 2017, we have been committed to providing our customers quality clothing made with quality substances.  

Any piece of clothing from us has been made with all natural ingredients (all natural indigo plant reduction, all natural turmeric, etc.).

Each piece is a living, breathing piece of art that our team created, using their two hands -- no machines required. All items are unique in terms of pattern and color, making every piece extra special. 

When you buy and wear indigo., you are wearing all the values that we stand for and the physical reminder that you are part of the indigo. family.


Our Mission

Photo Credit:

All photos courtesy of Zoe Lee